Связаться со мной

Сергей Арутюнов (Сергей Вертинский) - Lady Lover

B abe take me in your heart,
I wanna be your brand new start,
If we go together now -
We will turn the world around.

Babe hold me in so tight,
Never ever gonna fight,
If you give that super chance
To make it real.

Ba-ba-babe be my lady,
Show your emotion,
Deep like the ocean.
Ba-ba-babe be my lady,
Swear you’re my lover,
No undercover.

Babe take me in the sky,
I wanna be your loving guy,
If we climb the mountains high -
We will find how deep is love.

Babe say you love me so,
I will never ever go,
If you stay forever more
To make it real.


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